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In Countries like Kenya Mother with HIV positive, appropriate way for infant feeding would be

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  • pediatric resident Sat 07 April 2012

    this may me true for poor and developing countries but i think formula milk would be right option in developed countries. thanx

  • ramy Sat 20 October 2012

    hiv transmitted thr milk

  • Abdug Sat 01 December 2012

    Hiv transmited throuhg the brest milk

  • tham Thu 31 January 2013

    Isn't breastfeeding contraindicated if the mother has HIV?

  • Magaret Thu 21 March 2013

    Formula milk with with bottle wili be d best 2 save d child's life

  • saima tahir Sat 29 June 2013

    How breast feeding is ok.please explain.

  • peadiatration Sat 13 July 2013

    Only way to save life in developing countries where baby may loose the life due to malnutrition and diaheria because of food insecurity and poor hygeine

  • medstudentSouthAfrica Mon 04 November 2013

    Kenya is a developing country,like South Africa, we therefore promote exclusive breastfeeding because our kids have a higher risk of dying from malnutrition compared to the risk of contracting HIV through breastmilk.

  • khalil Tue 06 May 2014


  • medstudent Tue 19 May 2015

    There is also a higher risk of a baby dying from illnesses that the mother's antibodies found in her breast milk can help protect them from compared to the risk of contracting HIV.

  • lucy Sat 29 September 2018

    C Breastfeeding due to the low socioeconomic status of which some mothers will not be able to get the formula milk

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